Online Personal Training Programs

Surveys indicate that many people start the new year with a new gym membership. That’s great! That is, for those who actually go, and continue to follow a fitness program. The fact is, the majority of us will never use that membership. As a result we feel guilty, and avoid doing the one thing we need- establishing and performing an exercise routine. Enter Future Fitness Training. Now you can have an online personal fitness trainer guiding you, from the privacy of your home, or office in a customized routine that is not only fun, but easy to follow.

Maybe you’ve tried one of the other online personal training programs and soon quit because it ‘got old fast. Not at Future Fitness! Your workout routine will be anything but. At Future Fitness Training you are challenged at your current fitness level and progressed according to the weekly results that are discussed during your one-on-one weekly call with your online personal trainer. You’ll chart a course to your own success on your cell phone, laptop, or tablet using our app. Working out will make you feel and look great. Your customized eating plan, part of your Future Fitness Training program, will speed your initiative to get fit and to stay fit. Best of all, all of the meals our nutritionists suggest will include the foods you already like to eat, and none, that’s right, none that you don’t.

If you do not like broccoli, you’ll not be expected to eat broccoli. Not a fan of kale or Brussel sprouts? Not to worry, plenty of other foods have the same nutrients. This is a program you’ll stick with because it will have everything you want, and nothing you don’t. Here’s what you can expect:


Your online training includes:

  • Access to the Future Fitness Training App: check your progress and stay on track to become your best self!

  • Access to 500+ Workout Videos: You’ll be more confident in your workout and never suffer from the ‘same old, same old’. You’ll be as challenged as you wish to be 24/7/365!

  • Customized Nutrition Plan: Learn what’s good for you and why. Remember, you’ll only eat foods you like.

  • Customized Resistance Training Plan: Build strong muscles for flexibility and strength! Progresses at the same time you do.

  • Customized Cardio Plan: Keep your heart fit. Future Fitness will show you how!

  • Weekly Coaching via Phone: Speak with your personal trainer and gain insight into performing your workout optimally!

  • Support/Unlimited Messaging with Your Trainer: You’ll never have to ‘go it alone’ or guess if you are performing an exercise correctly.


Choose Your Plan Today!

If you’ve Googled “personal trainer online” and tried one of the other guys, you’re going to love what Future Fitness Training has in store for you! Once you try it, we know you’ll love the Future Fitness program. That’s why the first time is on the house. That’s right, completely free and without obligation. That’s how sure we are that you’ll love our customized way to achieve the level of fitness you want, regardless of your age, or current fitness level. Come try our program. Then the only question you’ll have is, “Which Membership Level is right for me?” Call today!