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Lead A Healthy Lifestyle With Future Fitness Training

If you are looking for a gym that fits in with your training preferences and lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place with ​Future Fitness​ Training. The time to change your life is now.

Fitness requires the right mindset, dedication, a strategic plan, and effective motivation. We can help with this at ​Future Fitness​ Training. When choosing ​Future Fitness ​Training, you are making a conscious decision to improve your life, reach your fitness goals and change for the better.

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Private Facility

Clients and their families only

Community based


Certified Personal Trainers on site to answer any questions

Work Out In The Gym Or At Home – Online Weight Loss Programs Fit Your Schedule

If you are a fitness buff who loves to go to the gym and work hard under the direction of an experienced and professional personal trainer, great! You will find that right here.

If you are the type of fitness enthusiast that likes to work out privately, at home – great! We have online weight loss food programs​ to help you achieve your goals, regardless of your level of fitness or experience. This enables you to work out outside of ​Future Fitness hours​.

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Restorative Training Also Helps Return The Body To A State Of Mobilization For All Ages

Restorative Training is a technique used to help clients overcome past injuries by having them complete a plank, push up, squat assessment and gait analysis all which are modified to the abilities of the individual.

  • Increased Mobility/Flexibility

  • Pain Reduction in Joints

  • Injury Correction and prevention

  • Better Health Overall

  • Increased Cardiovascular Health

Delivery Of Program To App

Full custom program with video instruction delivered to you anywhere in the world on your smartphone

We are empowering clients though wellness education to make better and healthier choices in life.

Our Trainers & Instructors

At Future Fitness Training we do things different. It starts with our Personal Trainers providing you world class service by delivering a custom fitness plan that fits your individual needs. All of our Personal Trainers are Nationally Certified and have years of experience in working with clients to reach their goals. Feel free to browse the profiles below to learn more about our Personal Trainers.

A Fitness Regime For Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, already fit or just starting out – with the help of our team and programs, you can achieve your fitness goals and work your way steadily towards looking the way you want to look, feeling the way you want to feel, and enjoying the quality of life you deserve.

At Future Fitness Training, we provide a variety of services including weight loss programs, workout nutrition planning, corrective exercise, and senior fitness. You can schedule your Future Fitness hours to suit you. Simply schedule a consultation at a time that’s most convenient to you.

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Self-Confidence, Personal Growth, Well-Being, Strength, Health, Weight Loss...what I've achieved in the last 6 months with Trey as my guide! I have tried personal training in the past, but I was dissatisfied with the overall results. Money was spent, with little return on my investment. This was the cycle until I met Trey! Do you have the commitment to stick with a workout and nutrition plan? Can you hold yourself accountable to follow it no matter how difficult it becomes? Are you able to overcome challenges (personal hurdles...maybe)? If so, Trey and his Team at Future Fitness can help you on your journey to a better you! I am proof of that!

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The 7 day trial includes:

  • 2 meetings with trainer

  • Workout program

  • Custom nutrition plan

  • Custom cardio plan

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