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Posture Alignment Therapy And Exercises To Relieve Joint Pain
Fort Worth, TX

Although most people tend to think of exercise as doing squats or cardio at the gym, the reality is that the right sort of exercise can also be used therapeutically to treat a wide range of different joint, muscle and postural conditions. If you’ve sustained an injury, suffer from joint pain or feel that you are developing problems due to poor posture, our team can provide the corrective exercises you need to solve the problem.

What Are The Recommended Exercises For Joint Pain?

Joint pain may be caused by muscle weakness, a reduced range of movement (perhaps following injury), or unnatural stresses put on joints due to poor posture or injury of another body part. For example, people with a bad back may put unnatural stress on one hip, leading to hip joint pain. Corrective exercises are a series of simple movements or changes in posture which, when done repeatedly, can begin to address the causes of pain. Similarly, posture alignment therapy, which aims to correct postural abnormalities during sitting, standing, walking or lying down can also reduce discomfort.

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What Are The Benefits Of Corrective Exercises?


  • strengthen the muscles around a joint, leading to greater joint stability
  • enhance a range of movement
  • promote optimal joint positioning during movement
  • reduce swelling
  • increase blood flow to the painful area, promoting healing
  • improve mobility
  • enhance mental and physical well-being as people become more active and pain levels are reduced

Nutritional Support Isn’t Just For Weight Loss

Even if you’re at the ideal weight, nutrition still matters! We are able to provide the information you need to enjoy a diet of highly nutritious foodstuffs, as well as advise on supplementation, pre- and post-workout nutrition. Our diets can be tailored for vegetarians, vegans and those following a kosher, halal or gluten-free diet. Whether you want to enhance your endurance, build muscle strength or simply optimize your mental and physical well-being, our nutrition coaches are here to help you develop a workout nutrition plan that will help you meet your physical goals.