Where to Start?

What Nutrition Plan is right for me?

We start all clients on a depletion phase that last 2 weeks. During the 2 weeks we feed you a series of high and low carb days to understand how the body is processing the macronutrients and calories that are given. Through the process we identify several things that allow us to set you up on the proper nutrition program.


How often does my plan need to change?

We change your plan weekly based on what your body is telling us. We know and understand that everyone is different, so to avoid the dreaded plateau we do not believe that a one fits all plan is the way to go. This is why we have weekly nutrition consultations with our clients to provide new and fresh changes to their plan accordingly. 


Do I need to restrict my calories?

No. Majority of the clients we work with see a calorie increase through the months due to their metabolisms becoming more active. We strategically work with our clients to provide the right amount of calories and macronutrients needed in order to avoid metabolic fatigue. The old myth of eat less burn more only works for a little while. Let's face it when you diet that way you end up losing all the results you have gained.


I have Special needs.

We customize your plan to match your lifestyle. So rather you have food allergies, diabetes, autoimmune disease or just looking to learn how to eat healthier we can design a plan for you. Your nutrition plan will come with a shopping list and step by step meal plan. Click here to see an example plan.

It’s true, nutrition can be complicated but you do not have to go it alone! Learn to eat healthy as part of your fitness program at Future Fitness Training. Our certified professionals will assess you as an individual, not hand you a printed outline of what you can and cannot eat. Your body assessment will help us identify and customize your nutrition program based on your body’s individual requirements. It doesn’t stop there! Remember, we want you to succeed! As you progress during your weekly hour-long nutritional phone consultations, we can learn the problems you may be having and immediately make adjustments to your nutrition meal plan. This way we can help you avoid plateaus and other nutritional pitfalls, and, most importantly, make sure you stay on track to achieve personal fitness.

‘Fact is, we all like to eat. If you’ve been putting off seeing a nutritionist because you’re concerned about the possibility of being put on a ‘starvation’ diet, think again. Most of Future Fitness Training’s nutrition plan clients are very pleased when we assign them more calories over the course of their plan. We’ll make sure your body receives the right amount of macronutrients and calories to prevent plateaus caused by metabolic fatigue.

Customized Nutrition Plans That Work!

Many of us have special requirements. That’s why your Future Fitness Training nutrition plan is geared to your personal needs. Perhaps your decision to become more fit has been influenced by a health condition such as an autoimmune disease, or diabetes. Maybe a food allergy has prevented you from following most conventional diet and nutritional programs. That will not be the case at Future Fitness Training. Your custom nutrition meal plan will include health considerations such as soy, and/or peanut allergies. Also, there is no guesswork involved- your plan comes with a shopping list and meal plan with step by step instructions. We’re here to make your personal nutrition and fitness journey as easy as possible.

Choose How You Want to get Started!

At Future Fitness Training we believe health and fitness should be convenient. That is why we offer Online and In Club Personal Training for our clients. We leave it up to you to choose which one best fits your lifestyle.  

Online Personal Training

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