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Hi! I’m Donna and I am a native Texan. I have never been a person that liked to workout. I have done every type of diet there is to lose weight when I needed to. When I turned 40, my health took a turn. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My weight went down by 50 pounds. I had all of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. My doctor finally got by thyroid under control by giving me several radio-iodine therapies. Then I went into hypothyroidism. I gained all of the weight I lost back and had all of the symptoms of this. I was up to 225 pounds, the heaviest I had been. The doctor adjusted my thyroid medicine to get it under control. When it was under control, I discovered I had no metabolism.

Several years later, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Since my husband has that and his was out of control, I sure did not want to go through this. My doctor worked with me and I was able to keep it controlled with medicine. I finally started to lose weight. Fast-forward to 2022, I was getting ready to retire. My knees developed osteoarthritis and I was facing a total knee replacement. I had surgery in March of 2022. It was very painful, but with physical therapy it got better.

September 2023
September 2023

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Since I was retired, my husband and I took our grandson on vacation. On our first day there, we went horseback riding. My husband had an accident riding the horse. What a way to start my retirement! I was forced to become his caregiver. My daughter was afraid for me and not being physically able to help him. She told me that I needed to get into shape in order to help him. She researched and found Trey with Future Fitness Training. She knew a large gym would not work for me. She explained the situation to Trey.

I signed up and went to my 7 day trial. Trey explained how the gym worked. I was amazed how he cared for his clients and how he worked individually with each one.
I have been with Future Fitness since January, 2023. I am stronger than I have ever been. I am so grateful to Trey and the Future Fitness team for their effort in helping me to have the perseverance to continue to be confident in myself. I look forward to my workouts! Thank you Trey and Future Fitness for making such a positive impact on my life!


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