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Hi! I’m Sonia and l’m from Atlanta, GA. Three years ago I got married and moved to Texas. I’ve always been an active person. I was in cross country, played soccer, and joined the JROTC program in high school. Afterwards, I maintained a “gym life”. By “gym life” I mean going to the gym, walking on the treadmill, and going home to eat pizza!

When I moved to Texas, I let myself go. I was married and kept busy with work. So, there was no time or need for me to continue to workout. I would go to our apartment gym and do the same thing as before, walk on the treadmill and go pig out afterwards.

When we moved to this area. I knew this would be my last time to really get in the gym and make a change because… BABIES! Babies have been the talk lately. I knew once I got pregnant, it would be EXTREMELY hard for me to get back into the fitness routine. I realized that I had to give it my all to maintain a healthy lifestyle once I was pregnant and afterwards. This is my biggest motivation and what has helped me to reach my goals!

June 2021
June 2022

This is only the


Previously. I had joined gyms like Planet Fitness. I never knew what to do in there, when to do it, and much less why to do it. This time around, I decided to go a different route and join a gym that dedicates time to their clients. If I wanted to see results, I knew I had to do things differently. I like to plan, budget, and do my research. So I called every gym near us and compared everything.

Why did I decide on Future Fitness Training?

  • My first time calling nobody made me feel dumb or rushed.
  • The prices were lower
  • The one-on-one sessions they offered.
  • The limit of clients in the gym (you’re never waiting on a machine).
  • The workout plan and diets designed specifically for you!
  • The app that tells you how to do a workout and for how long.

The one-on-one time with Jay has DEFINITELY improved my knowledge and increased my body results. My journey with FFT has been different because we’re a small family! We hold each other accountable and I have never seen these kind of results…EVER.

FUN FACT: I can do 5 pull ups NONSTOP!! I couldn’t even do that in high school!


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