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Hi, I’m Sam, and I grew up in a large Italian family in southern New Jersey. We used to joke that you knew you were Italian if you grew up with a piece of bread in your left hand at every meal. We liked to eat and didn’t always make the best choices, mainly because it cost a lot more to eat healthy but a lot of it was also cultural.

As you might suspect, I struggled with weight my whole life. We were active as kids but nothing that resembled a regular workout routine. Some fad diets worked but each time I went back to bad habits and the weight would come back, usually much faster than I lost it.

When tragedy struck our family in January 2019, I sought counseling and intentionally picked a doctor who specialized in working with obesity. By this time, I was officially morbidly obese, which is such an ugly way to describe being unhealthy. I was slowly but surely killing myself. A dear friend of mine. Lori Little (another client of FFT) sent me a link for a free month with her trainer, Trey Shadwick.

September 2019
July 2022

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Initially, I thought the cost of having someone plan my meals and design an exercise program was just too much but when I thought about it, it cost less than I ever paid for a car payment. Wasn’t I more important than a car? I needed help fast. My health was in serious jeopardy. I HAD to do something.

The FFT program was not instant gratification. It took work and patience, a lot it. Persistence, not perfection, was the goal. For the first time in my life, I have successfully changed my way of life. I am no longer on a diet that I will go off and on, this is a way of life that I can embrace and enjoy. At 65 years old, l am not exaggerating. I just may be in the best shape of my life.

There was a day I would never dream of showing anyone my before picture with my shirt off. Now it serves as my motivation. I have no idea how long I’ll be on this earth, but I am certain my quality of life is so much better because of my FFT journey. Thank you Trey for helping me get my life back!


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