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Hello, I am Lisa and I have been living in the state of Texas for about 8 months now. I started training at FFT in January 2023, after a couple months of living here. I have been an athlete since I was 10 years old, so I have been around the block when it comes to my fitness and training. I wouldn’t identify as an athlete anymore, but because of those deep roots in sports, I have always tried to remain fit. I was off and on going to the gym in my early 20’s, and could never remain consistent. I was playing volleyball pretty frequently and thought that would be enough, and it just wasn’t. Then covid happened, and I got some life-changing news.

When July of 2020 hit, I was planning a big move from Arizona back home to Washington state, where I grew up. I was in a long-distance relationship and with all the shutdowns, a lease expiring, and the chaos of the world, we thought it would be a good idea for one of us to move. After a couple of weeks of returning, I found myself in the ICU being treated for T1D (type one diabetes). My body had completely shut down, and in all honesty, it was failing. Long story short, after this diagnosis and returning to the chaos of covid, I was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. I was not able to be active for quite some time, because I needed to learn how to control my blood sugars without the extra activity. There is so much that goes into care for T1D, and I could go on for pages about it, but basically life was harder.

As time went on, without being active, I was more and more unmotivated. I started going to the gym once I had better control, but again, never remained consistent. Part of it was frustration of not being able to keep my blood sugars in range while working out. It was just a part of the journey, and I knew I had to go through this to learn more about my body and how it reacted to physical activity.

June 2022
August 2023

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When we moved to Texas, I knew this was the time to start getting more comfortable in the gym! We went gym hopping for awhile, and ended up at Future Fitness and I have been going here for nearly 7 months now. I fell in love with the atmosphere, structure, dedication, and cleanliness of the gym. Everyone is supportive, and kind to each other, and it’s just been an incredible experience. Not to mention, Trey has built out amazing programs, and he listens to what your goals are. There is a realistic, and genuine approach to how he operates, and everything just makes sense. The experience has been unreal and like any other gym I have been to. I am so proud of my progress, and overall I am just a happier and healthier lady. I have lost pounds, and gained muscle, and am eager to keep growing!!! I’m excited to go to the gym, and 8 months ago, I would have never told you that.


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