Moriah W.

Perserverance Story

My name is Moriah and I was born and raised just 15 minutes down the road from here! For the last 6 years it has been my ambition to become a commissioned officer for the United States Marine Crops.

I spent most of my college years going back and forth. Losing motivation, gaining it again, coming to a hurdle, and starting the cycle all over. It wasn’t until I graduated (and inconveniently enough, Covid hit) that I really became desperate to achieve my goals.
In order to be selected to attend Officer Candidate School, which was the only avenue available to me to become a commissioned officer, I had to pass a number of tests including several physical fitness requirements. One such requirement was the ability to do pull ups.

I have absolutely never struggled so hard to reach a goal. I spent two years hearing things like “there’s no reason you can’t do them in the next thirty days” or “just do negatives,” “get assistance bands,” “follow this pull up plan or this one or this one.” I went through multiple gyms and multiple trainers who couldn’t stay focused during sessions or made uncomfortable advances at me. When I first came to Future Fitness at the suggestion of a former Marine, the first thing I noticed was the attention to my personal needs, and the high level of professionalism among the staff.

October 2021
August 2022

This is only the


I have never had a trainer work so hard on my behalf as the trainers I have worked with at FFT.
Through tailored workouts and nutrition, motivational and supportive personal messages, and challenging sessions, I have finally been able to do a pull-up. And not just that! I’ve been able to do two!

With that, come September, I will be shipping to OCS for a ten week course to become an officer. I am so thankful for FFT for helping me reach my goals (the first of many)! And I fully believe that God brought me here because they offer something that no other gym can! Individualized programs, fully committed and passionate staff members, and the drive to help people become what they always dreamed.


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