You’ve Tried a Gym and a Fitness Center. Here are 10 Reasons to Try Future Fitness.

Ever since the Greeks gave the name gymnasium to their schools for exercise, the exact nature of what you might find at the gym has varied quite a bit. Today, we typically say gym to refer to a smaller place with weights and cardio machines, while fitness center calls to mind a large facility with weights and machines – and a pool, running track and personal trainers.

If you’ve tried a gym and a fitness center – but haven’t quite found the right home base for your fitness journey – may we invite you to try one more?  Here are 10 reasons to try Future Fitness.

Reason #1. You Will Discover a Third Way to Train

Gyms tend to attract clients who want to focus on weight training, while fitness centers highlight their variety of programs, instructors, nutrition, and nice amenities such as a sauna or juice bar.

Future Fitness offers a third way to train, based on our mission, which is to use our knowledge to help every client find your personal path to fitness — so that you can live the life you want.

Reason #2. Your Plan Will Fit Your Body and Goals

To develop a fitness plan that will earn your commitment and deliver the results you want, we work with our clients one-to-one.  We never recommend a training or nutrition plan which has not been custom-tailored for your body, your age and your present level of fitness.

With our smart phone app, your workout schedule and meal planning calendar are always handy, and your trainer is there with you anytime, anywhere to keep you on track.

Reason #3. Your Weight Loss Program Will Work

You may come to us specifically for weight loss. And you will lose weight…not because we have a magic formula, but because we will guide you, based on your body and condition, to the optimum combination of better food choices, effective exercise, and trainer support to keep you motivated.

Reason #4. You Will Learn What to Eat

There are so many diet fads, you have to wonder: What am I really supposed to eat? The answer depends on your goals. There is a right way to eat if you need to lose weight, and a different right way if you want to build muscle, and a different right way if you have health issues to correct.

Future Fitness has the training and experience to assess your nutritional needs and custom-design a weight loss, muscle-building, energy-boosting or corrective eating plan. Your plan.

Reason #5. You Can Heal with Corrective Exercise

When a client comes to us with joint pain, swelling or limited movement, we design an exercise program that will strengthen muscles around the joint, increase tendon flexibility, improve range of motion, relieve pain and enhance mental and physical well-being.

Future Fitness can also show you how to use food as medicine, correcting health issues through nutrition programs which can help you shed pounds, stabilize blood sugar and improve colon health.

Reason #6. You Will Prove that Age is Just a Number

Fitness enhances your enjoyment of life at any age — but for seniors, regular exercise yields an amazing variety of anti-aging benefits. You can lose weight to avoid obesity-related illness. You can use cardio to fight heart disease. You can train for flexibility to improve balance and relieve joint pain. And you can build muscle quality to feel and look younger.  

If you are just getting back into exercise, our team will prepare the right program for you. If you prefer to work out at home, our online programs can be tailored to suit your health and current level of fitness, with plenty of support to help you stay on track toward your fitness goals.

Reason #7. You Can Try New STM Therapies

Should you come to us with a soft tissue injury, we can introduce you to soft tissue mobilization therapy, which can relieve a variety of problems with your neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle or foot. We also offer compression band therapy and facilitated stretching for improved range of motion, pain reduction, coordination, cramp prevention, stress relief and improved overall muscle performance.

Reason #8. You Can Train Online or in the Club

The Future Fitness app gives you access to the right workout, no matter where you are. Use your phone to bring your trainer — and your customized workout — to your home, office or hotel room. Whether you are a senior getting back into shape, or an athlete who needs to keep a competitive edge, our online trainers will deliver precisely what you need, when you choose.

And stop by the club when you are in Fort Worth. Working out with us gives you access to awesome resistance and cardio equipment, and the gym is where you will find in-person support, motivation and fun, in a non-judgmental, empowering atmosphere that provides a home base for your fitness journey.

Reason #9. You Can Trust Our Certified Professionals

Our job is to make sure you get the results you expect, by helping you find your fitness program and showing you how to perform each movement correctly. Every Future Fitness instructor has been certified as a personal trainer, with continuing education in performance enhancement, corrective exercise, nutrition consultation and other specialized therapies.

Reason #10. You Can Try Future Fitness for 7 Days — FREE

Call or visit today and ask about our FREE 7-Day Trial. Whether or not you decide to become a client, you’ll get two meetings with a personal trainer, a complete workout program, a custom nutrition plan, and a custom cardio plan — all at no cost and with no obligation.

Visit Future Fitness online at or call (817) 803-4846. In Fort Worth, stop by the club at 1919 Golden Heights Road, #100, Fort Worth TX 76177.