Waist Trainers – Should You Be Using Them? -By Kelcee Lyons

Should you use waist trainers?

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas Edison
Let us reflect back, what did you set as some of your new year’s resolutions?
It becomes easy to look to other sources when we don’t see results within the time frame that we set. We tend to turn to sources that will give us a “quick fix”.

One popular go-to has been waist trainers. Before you turn to corsets, here are the top four downfalls to using a waist trainer.

Down Fall Number One: Waist trainers are harmful to our organs with long-term wear

Our torso is home to our lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, and other vital organs.
When wearing a corset, it forces the organs into unnatural positions which ends up decreasing their function. When used short-term, it can be uncomfortable and rub against the skin. Long-term effects can cause permanent organ damage, fractured ribs, and postural problems. While causing postural deviations, it reduces core strength which in the long haul increased the chances of pelvic floor problems and back problems.

Down Fall Number Two: Waist Trainers hinder the digestive system

We have a digestive network that starts in our mouth, and works down to our esophagus, stomach and intestines. When wearing a waist trainer, it compresses that network and in turn, restricts our digestive tract. This can cause blockages, acid reflux, and improper digestion along with other issues. Losing weight or changing our body composition should be done through healthy choices and changes.

Down Fall Number Three: Waist Trainers are suffocating 

When wearing a waist trainer, it can reduce lung capacity by roughly thirty to sixty percent. This causes low energy and discomfort but it can be worse – it can cause fluid buildup in the lungs, inflammation, and loss of consciousness. Let’s not forget to mention that long-term use can restrict the lymphatic system which we rely on for optimal functioning of our immune responses – removal of waste and toxins from our bodies.

Down Fall Number Four: Waist Trainers decrease performance and progress

Health and wellness is more than what we can accomplish in short time frames. Waist trainers claim to give you that ‘hourglass figure’. The truth is, our bodies are like a box of assorted chocolates, they come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Take pride in your natural body curvature you were made with. If you’re not happy with it, the best way to change your body composition is through strength training. It is not about the quick fix, health is a lifelong journey.

While waist trainers have been around centuries, that doesn’t mean we should bring back history. If you are wanting to make a change to your body, make the change. If you are wanting to make that change, come see me, Kelcee Lyons, at Future Fitness Training. We can sit down together and come up with a goal that helps fit your needs.  Remember to be gracious with yourself. Good things take time.