Ten Keys to Overcoming Gym Intimidation

You’ve heard the stories:

·        “I felt so out of place. Everyone was (…younger…in better shape…etc.).”

·        “The hardcore gym rats gave me rude looks for sharing their weights.”

·        “I had no idea how to use most of the machines and no one helped me.”

In this article, we’ll puncture some familiar myths about gym intimidation, and we’ll give you ten keys to making yourself feel right at home in a new gym.

Key #1: Get an Orientation

Gym intimidation can start when you have no idea of what’s where and who’s who. At Future Fitness, our FREE 7-day trial includes a complete orientation covering our staff, facilities, services and programs for weight loss, nutrition and custom fitness plans developed with your personal trainer.  

Key #2: Get Guidance from an Instructor

Whether you are in top shape or have significant health problems, a professional trainer will help you discover the best tools to enhance your fitness, starting where you are today. Future Fitness offers workouts to correct, challenge and most of all — enjoy. We welcome all ages and all levels of fitness.

Key #3: Goals + Commitment = Success

With the right workout and nutrition plans in place, you are ready to set goals. All that matters is your commitment to your goals — not how much somebody else can lift or how fast somebody else can run on a treadmill. Your future fitness will be directly proportional to your commitment. We guarantee it.

Key #4: Get Started During a Slow Time

If you’re a naturally shy person, we know it can be hard to walk into a crowded, unfamiliar place. Give us a call and ask about our slower days or hours. Because Future Fitness Training is a membership only gym, it is never crowded, but we can work to find a time that you are comfortable coming in as well. Fewer people in the gym means less noise, less distraction and more time to get comfortable with your new gym and talk about your goals with an instructor.

Key #5: Bring a Buddy

The buddy system works just as well at the gym as it does in a nightclub. It is no longer just you and a lot of strange faces. It’s you and your bestie, ready to share the fun and take on the world. With a wingman (or woman), you can express your worries, laugh at your mistakes, and high-five your successes. If you don’t have a buddy, don’t worry. Our professional gym trainers will still be there to work with you for your personal training sessions so you won’t be alone. 

Key #6: Focus on Your Goals

You will have worries. You will make mistakes. You will sometimes feel embarrassed by your lack of experience or your current state of fitness. But you can banish these feelings by refocusing on your goals. Do a few more reps. Try one more exercise in this circuit. Our team can help you achieve your own goal, which could be anything from increasing mobility to losing weight, or even just using correct form. Goals achieved for today? Good job! 

Key #7: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is today.” – Chinese proverb   When you see someone who is where you aim to be one day, you’re looking at a tree that took time to grow. Focus on your own growth. In a little while, you’ll enjoy comparing a future you with how you looked and felt today.

Key #8: Bring Your Playlist

Many people find that bringing their favorite beats to the gym will help them relax, focus on training, and block out distractions from people and equipment. Experiment with soothing music to melt away stress, and with high-energy tracks to crank up your workout. We have found that showtunes can be a fun and energetic accompaniment to your workout. 

Key #9: Nurture Your Confidence

Confidence (and lack thereof) are both self-reinforcing. Reject negative “I can’t” thoughts. Visualize achieving your next goal. When you think of giving up, just see how far you can get. Don’t hang out with negative people. Offer to help other newbies. Keep selfies as reminders of how far you have come.

Key #10: The Antidote to Fear is Action!

A shorter, more honest word for intimidation is fear. Fear is a poison which causes paralysis, forcing you to sit on the sidelines while your best life slips away. Our last and most valuable key is this simple truth: the antidote to the poison of fear is action. Take action today.

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