you're never to old for fitness.

Senior fitness with future fitness training.

Aging is something we all experience in life, the only thing we have control over is how we do it. We believe that having a fitness program designed for you will help you age gracefully. We design our Senior Fitness programs to match the abilities of the client it is intended for. This is because everyone has a different lifestyle and should be able to live it the way they want. 


Living Healthy is a lifestyle not a goal!

As we age our bodies and activity levels start to slow. This can cause many complications such as decreased muscle strength, decreased bone density, decreased balance, decreased cardiac health and many other chronic conditions. These problems can decrease the quality of life we live. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and starting on a fitness program many of these problems can be prevented and sometimes reversed. 


YOur Fitness Program

We understand that everyone comes in at different levels. When designing your Senior Fitness program we will customize it to your specific abilities and goals. This provides you with the best and safest results possible. Most clients train 2 to 3 times per week with their Personal Trainer and complete their homework on the days assigned.


Results you can expect.

Senior Fitness program benefits:

Increased Strength
Increased Muscle Tone
Increased Balance 

Increased Cardiac Health
Improved Quality of Life
Decreased Risk of Fall

Choose How You Want to get Started!

At Future Fitness Training we believe health and fitness should be convenient. That is why we offer Online and In Club Personal Training for our clients. We leave it up to you to choose which one best fits your lifestyle.  

Online Personal Training

In Club Personal Training