Personal Trainers: Trey Shadwick

Trey Shadwick

Trey Shadwick is the founder of Future Fitness Training, a company that provides online fitness programs for all levels. He partners with his community in order to provide the tools/education needed to achieve any fitness and health goal. He is able to accomplish this by meeting you at your fitness level and building you up from there.

After spending nearly 19 years working with individuals on their journeys, Trey knows and understands what it takes to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves – and it’s not getting started on the new fitness craze of the week. It requires accountability, integrity, and consistency all on the right plan.

Trey has been the guide to individuals seeking to reverse their diabetes, lose weight, gain muscle, move better and get on stage for competitions. He has landed two 1st place trophies in bodybuilding competitions, finished a tough mudder and still has the energy to play with his 3 year old. Feel free to read some of the lovely testimonials from past successes.

Trey is now bringing these programs to the public at an affordable cost. He is able to do this by providing many different plans to choose from delivering them to you on your smartphone.

Trey is a trained and certified personal trainer and massage therapist who enjoys helping people just like you, to become the hero of your life story.


  • Certified personal trainer (NASM)

  • Performance enhancement specialist(NASM)

  • Corrective exercise specialist(NASM)

  • Theory & practice of personal training & nutrition consultation (NPTI)

  • Certified personal trainer (NCSF)

  • Professional message therapy (DSMT)

  • TRX certified

  • Movement Specialist (FMT)

  • Compression Band Therapy (FMS)

  • Cupping (FMS)

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8am – 8pm


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