In-Club Personal Training

Get the most from each and every workout with in-club personal training sessions by Future Fitness Training! It is a fact, machine and weight training is far more effective when it is personalized and focused on achieving your personal fitness goals. Future Fitness offers competitive pricing and several plans to choose from, one will be just right for you. Best of all, your first session is free!

Our personal training programs takes place at Battle Ground Fitness, 300 N Main Street in Keller TX. You’ll enjoy your workouts at this easy-to-reach facility located on Rt. 377. Future Fitness’ In-Club Personal Training offers features you’ll not find anywhere else.


YOUR personal training INCLUDES:

  • Future Fitness’ Training App lets you chart your progress and helps keep you and your workouts on track.

  • No ‘same old, same old’. With Future Fitness, you have access to over 500 Workout videos!

  • Follow your Customized Nutrition Plan and see results faster!

  • Resistance training builds muscle. With our customized Resistance Training Plan you’ll avoid muscle strains and see results more quickly!

  • Heart health is paramount. Follow your Customized Cardio Plan to promote a healthy heart!

  • You’re never left wondering if you are performing your workouts correctly. Future Fitness’ professional 1 on 1 coaching ensures you’ll be performing every exercise perfectly and optimally!



Future Fitness’ personal training services will change your mindset, change your body, and change your life. To learn more about us and to schedule your personal consultation call (817) 803-4846. Get started today!

All personal training will take place at Battle Ground Fitness.
300 N Main St, Keller, TX 76248