Virtual Training


Taylor has just started on her journey with Future Fitness Training. She had heard about Future Fitness Training from a friend in her book club, when she expressed her disdain for working out at a gym 7 days a week.
“I go to the gym, but I dread it. I don’t go as often as I should because the whole experience is so terrible. I will show up, but then I never lift weights to tone, which is what I really want. I will walk through the weight section, but it is filled with college aged guys who are grunting and dropping barbells, and then there are endless machines that I don’t know what to do with. I end up walking on the treadmill the whole time I’m there, but if I do that, then I feel like I could just go walk outside and not pay any money. By the time I have showered and left, I’m more frustrated than when I walked into the gym. I feel like it should be the opposite, where I leave feeling better about myself, and happy that I was able to get in some exercise today.”
Taylor’s friend told her about the free 7 day trial at Future Fitness Training, and so she decided that she would try it out. After all, what did she have to lose? Taylor called Future Fitness Training and talked with Chelsea, one of the trainers. Chelsea and Taylor chatted on the phone for 20 minutes, and went over a few important things.


“I really am not in the shape that I was in when I was younger. I know that happens to everybody, and it isn’t like I was a star athlete, but I get winded when I walk up several flights of stairs, and get embarrassed.”


“As I got more promotions at my company, I started working longer and longer hours. My stress levels have increased, and I can’t find the energy to get up extra early to make it to the gym, and then at the end of the day I am so tired that I just end up picking up some to go dinner on the way home.”
Thanks for that feedback. I appreciate it. You mentioned that you usually pick up dinner on the way home; would you like to include nutrition planning in your 7 day free trial?
“That sounds great, but I know that I don’t have the time to meal prep chicken and veggies to eat all week. I also know that I won’t eat bland healthy food. I’ve tried it many times in the past and it has never worked.”
We can talk about it more when you come in. We do custom plans that work with your schedule. We need to set up some times for you to come in.


  • Two Meetings with a personal trainer
  • Unlimited access to our exclusive members-only fitness gym
  • A custom nutrition plan 
  • A custom cardio plan
  • Gym initiation 
  • Accountability support from your trainer
  • Unlimited access to our team for questions
  • Additional support for your track. Our main tracks include:
    • Mobility
    • Rehabilitation
    • Weight Loss
    •  Senior Fitness 
    • Muscle building
    • Kid’s fitness


Taylor came in for her first session, and met with her trainer, John. She and John went over what Taylor had done prior to coming into Future Fitness Training, as well as what her goals were.

Taylor outlined her biggest goals: 

  • Increase her physical fitness levels 
  • Be sensitive to her knees to ensure she didn’t damage them further 
  • Consistency and accountability with fitness
  • A nutrition plan that was achievable with a busy work schedule
Taylor and John discussed her goals, and then John told her that he would work up a plan for her to review the next day. John encouraged Taylor to reach back out to him the next day, after she had time to digest everything that they had gone over the first day, because he knew that it was a lot. They covered a lot of information, and much of that information was emotional information as well.
Taylor thought that John had walked her through the entire gym, because they had worked through all of the equipment she could see, so Taylor was a little surprised when they made one more stop at the far wall of the gym.
John started pulling out some strange looking pieces, and explained that this was one of the most important parts of Future Fitness Training, even though it had the smallest physical footprint of anywhere in the gym. John explained to Taylor that this was the restorative section, and he stressed to her the importance of utilizing this area.
“Future Fitness Training is about making sure that your whole body is functioning to the best of its ability. The restorative section is important to use, even when you don’t have active injuries like you currently do. It will help to prevent future injuries as you increase the amount of physical activity. This, along with fueling your body properly, are incredibly important.”
After doing a full tour of the gym, John and Taylor worked on their first personal training session together, and then John promised that they would be in touch in the next few days.


After meeting with John, Taylor had a solid plan in place and was ready to begin her Fitness Journey in full force. Taylor felt some trepidation about her ability to be successful on this journey, so she sent John a text that morning to check-in.
After checking with John, Taylor felt more comfortable to start their fitness journey, and she opened up her nutrition plan to see what her plan was for the rest of the day.
After looking at the app, Taylor decided to start her day with an enjoyable activity: walking the dog. She knew that this would be something that would be good for both her and her pup. It was a beautiful May morning, so she took the dog out and they walked half a mile to the park, to sit on the bench for a little bit and then walk back.
Once Taylor got back, she took a look at the app again, and felt a surge of pride that she had already accomplished one of her daily tasks. It wasn’t hard, but John had given her the encouragement that she needed to get moving.


After getting started yesterday, and completing all three of her tasks, Taylor felt confident to begin a new day. She woke up feeling refreshed and energized from the exercise that she had from the previous day’s work, and eating well.
Taylor decided to start and fill in her progress stats into the app, and to take a progress picture. The idea of doing these in the previous days had been too overwhelming and daunting. Taking a picture in a bikini was not something that she had done for years. She couldn’t even remember the last time that she had done it.
She took a deep breath, and grabbed her phone to head into the bathroom to take a picture to upload to the app. Taylor also recorded the information that she had been able to upload the previous day, including her steps that she had recorded on her Apple Watch, and her sleep.
She also uploaded her caloric intake for the previous day, which was so simple because she had followed the nutrition plan that was laid out perfectly
Taylor had found that the plan was so easy to follow, because the meals were nutritious, and she had snacks in between meals to keep her satiated. This didn’t even feel like a diet. Since the meals were all planned out ahead of time, there was no thinking about what to eat, or how to prepare it. She had bought all of the ingredients she needed from the list that had been provided, so each meal time she could walk to the fridge, grab the ingredients that she needed and quickly put together something filling. Taylor was starting to realize that protein kept her full much longer than the refined carbohydrates that she had previously relied on ever did.
Even better, Taylor was starting to feel her muscles become more defined and had more energy both when she first woke up, and throughout the day as well. Taylor reached out to John again to talk about her progress.


Halfway through the challenge, Taylor was feeling really great about herself. She had done well working with John, and was excited for her next personal training session with a second trainer tomorrow. Taylor knew that she was starting to become a part of the community at Future Fitness Training. At the grocery store that morning, she even bumped into another client of Future Fitness Training that she had briefly met her first day of training.
Taylor finished up work from the day, and a coworker asked her out to a happy hour. Taylor thought about her discussions with John, and felt like she had been really good so far, and so she had earned the ability to deviate from the plan.
Afterall, she could go out to eat, and just grab something like a salad, and keep it to one cocktail, right?
When she got home, Taylor felt pretty good about herself. She was able to order a salad for dinner, and while she did indulge in a second cocktail, overall she counted the evening as a win. Taylor grabbed her phone as she settled in on the couch to record her meals for the day in the app.
Her mouth dropped open in shock. The salad that she had ordered and felt good about ended up being 1,325 calories! And the drinks? They were a whopping 800 calories each! This was devastating. Taylor felt that it was too late to text John about the problem that she had created for herself, but was thinking that maybe Future Fitness Training wasn’t for her. Perhaps she should cancel her second training session for tomorrow. What was the point? It was a losing battle.


On Day 5, Taylor woke up feeling slightly better about the plan than she had when she went ot bed the night before. John had sent her a text early that morning, reminding her of her upcoming training session, and that she should focus on the little wins because those are what make the biggest impact overtime.
During the day, Taylor kept using the app which kept her on track, and she made sure that she followed her plan of three things that she needed to do that day. By the time it was time for her personal training session that evening after work, Taylor was feeling much better and felt like she was back on track thanks to the app showing her what she needed to be working on, in small chunks.


After eating healthy all day yesterday, and doing well in her personal training session the evening before, Taylor woke up feeling more energized and refreshed than she had in a long time. She was starting to see the life she had envisioned on day one show up again, and was finally feeling the way that she wanted to be when she had first signed up for the free trial.


At the end of her 7 day trial, Taylor got a call from John, and he walked her through the options that were available to her to continue her membership with Future Fitness Training.
How do you feel that it went overall?
“Great, I started off strong, but then stumbled some halfway through. The team was great, and helped to get me back on track. At frist, I kept forgetting to use the app, but after a while I got used to it, and enjoyed the feeling that came with checking off all of my tasks asigned for the day.”


Restorative Training & Nutrition Planning
Nutrition planning is an essential part of your health and fitness. At Future Fitness Training, we understand that nutrition can sometimes be the hardest part of a wellness program. Adding exercise to your weekly routine only adds a few hours of concentrated time, whereas improving your diet means larger lifestyle changes, that you need to implement throughout your day.

We have worked with clients who have faced a number of challenges when it comes to improving their overall nutrition. Some of these challenges include: 

  • Lack of support from the rest of the household 
  • Dietary restrictions, including everything food alergies to just disliking certain foods 
  • Time restrictions 
Future Fitness Training can help to provide the plan and support that you need to be successful at making meaningful changes to your diet. Many diets fail, because they are set up with unreasonable demands on the dieter. We will work to understand what challenges you might be facing, and then work to make sure that we come up with a reasonable nutrition plan that will work with you. Our plans can be simple, fun, and easy. We help you to make sure that you don’t feel like you are being too restrictive, or that you can’t go out to eat

Many people who are dieting fail because they make a plan to eat only 1,200 calories a day, but that isn’t what we focus on. Future Fitness Training works on training your metabolism, so that you can eat more! We also make sure that you are eating delicious and filling foods that won’t let your glucose levels get too low, and let your energy drop. After you’ve been working with us for a while, you won’t have to worry about going on vacation, and gaining it all back. We work to get your body working the way that it should be. 

“I had been working hard with Future Fitness Training to get in shape for a big birthday vacation that I had coming up, where I would be on the beach, in a bikini, in front of other people! To compound my fears, it was at an all inclusive, all you can eat and all you can drink resort. I looked great going, and was so proud of the progress that I had made, but the real benefits were seen when I got back, and got on the scale. Despite indulging for EIGHT days, I weighed the exact same as I did when I left!”

If you want to have a nutrition plan that works with your lifestyle, and also keeps working for you even when you aren’t working out, reach out to start your free trial today! Alternatively, you can give us a call at 817-876-0835.